Updated Covid Protocol For New Year

By Len Ruddock

Applying Common Sense is simply Common Sense. :-)

League Chairman, Len Ruddock, has issued the following statement to League Members:
Happy New Year to all and let's look forward to an exciting period of great sport amongst all teams.

It's three weeks since our last matches and we've seen how the Omicron variant has developed and affected our society. Obviously, we're very grateful that it's not as virulent as previous variants but it's proven to be very contagious. I expect most of us know people who have had or have currently, 'the Covid'. Our duty and responsibility is to others to try and limit the spread of the virus, which I'm sure you'll agree.

So please take note of the following and adopt within your own team environment. All of these recommendations have to be taken on trust, so please do your best and above all, apply simple common sense.

Please do not use the changing rooms apart from the toilet facilities.
Please set up your teams on opposite sides of the pitch or ensure that there is decent spacing between groups where pitches are adjacent to each other.
Try to be sensible in allowing your opponent's linesman to have sufficient space to run the line unhindered.
Please DO NOT encroach on the pitch for any reason.
Apart from on the pitch, try to avoid close contact between individuals from other groups/teams. It's been suggested that a cheery wave rather than handshakes would help.
However, I strongly recommend that you do not drop the pre-match prayer time as spacing can easily be managed.

My thanks to a number of comments and recommendations that I have received as it demonstrates an attitude of care for all as well as consideration towards others, particularly those who may be less fortunate than most of us.

One suggestion that I shall leave with you to consider is for all teams/officials to take a LFT (Lateral Flow Test) prior to your match, within 24 hours of the Kick-Off. It's a good idea although difficult to enforce, so again it'll be your decision should you decide to follow this initiative.

Here's looking forward to our Cup Games this Saturday!.

Where next?

Team Talk - 12th February Continues in the Open Air :-)
Team Talk - 11th December; 2021 - Plein Air! All scarves, hats and gloves welcome!

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