Cup Draw & Team Talk

By Kelvin Toku

Team Talk - gather around. Today, before we step onto the pitch, let's take a moment to reconnect as a family – not just as teammates, but as friends bound by a common purpose.

Take this time to meet with your fellow players. Share a word of encouragement, a pat on the back, or even a simple smile. Our strength lies in our unity, and these moments of connection foster the camaraderie that fuels us on the field.

Each one of you brings something unique to this team talk. Share your thoughts, your energy, and your insights. We're not just players; we're contributors to a collective effort. Don't hesitate to express yourself and let your teammates know they are valued.

In the silence of this moment, let's bow our heads. Regardless of our individual beliefs, let's take a moment to center ourselves. Reflect on the privilege of playing this beautiful game together. Whether through prayer or silent contemplation, let's find the inner strength to give our best.

Now, onto the reason we're all here – to play the game we love. Let the connections we've made, the encouragement we've shared, and the strength we've drawn from our collective spirit propel us forward. Remember, it's not just about winning; it's about the joy of playing together.

As we step onto that pitch, let's carry with us the bond we've strengthened in this brief meeting. Meet, share, pray, play – it's more than just a mantra; it's a reminder that we are more than a team; we are a family.

Let's go out there, give it our all, and make each other proud.

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